Wissenschaftliche Fakten über Remote Work

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Wissenschaftliche Fakten über Remote Work

Das Magazin Future hat einen lesenswerten Artikel mit vielen wissenschaftlichen Fakten über Remote Work veröffentlicht. 🧑‍💻👩‍💻 Ein paar der schönsten Zitate:

💬 "Just 10 percent of all communications occurred between employees whose desks were more than 500 meters apart. This suggests that once companies span multiple floors, buildings, or campuses, they've already lost much of the collaborative value of being "in the office" together."

💬 "Today, US workers commute nearly 30 minutes each way, on average, stealing time from hobbies and relationships outside of work. Does anyone, outside of company management, believe that considering your coworkers your closest social relationships is a good thing?"

💬 "Over the last 20 years, as companies raced to become the equivalent of adult kids' clubs and the commercial cost per square foot rose more than 50 percent in tech-centered cities, the office has grown to become a distraction factory of epic proportions. A slew of research has found that the open office leads to higher stress and less productivity. The office has become the enemy of deep, focused work. There is a reason people came in early and stayed late: it was the only time they had to get actual work done."

Das Fazit verraten wir nicht, ihr solltet es aber lesen.

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